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Stubton Hall Wedding Photos | David Lowerson Photography

Chris and Laura – A Stubton Hall Wedding


Stubton Hall is a beautiful venue to host a wedding, and I love being able to attend these as a photographer. Enclosed by 23 acres of grounds including stunning gardens and a lake there are plenty of opportunities to portray the beauty of a Stubton Hall wedding in photos.

The Wedding Day

I was lucky enough to be able to work at this beautiful property recently with a great couple, Laura and Chris, who decided to wed at Stubton Hall. Taking advantage of all its features, Laura and her bridal party got ready in one of the elegant reception rooms, where I could capture photos of them preparing for their journey, from hair and make-up to the finer details of the bouquet of flowers and wedding shoes.

Prior to the ceremony, whilst allowing the bride and bridesmaids to continue getting ready in peace, I went to the courtyard to photograph the groom Chris, his best man, and ushers standing outside the grand entrance of Stubton Hall.

The walk to where the ceremony was taking place provided the perfect opportunity to capture a few more great Stubton Hall wedding photos, including some of the bride with her dad and chosen friends, taken just before she took her first steps into married life. From the bridesmaids stood waiting close to a window that showed off the courtyard and Laura’s emotional walk down the stairs with her dad, I’m proud to have witnessed (and captured) some iconic moments of this special day.

The Music Room at Stubton Hall is the perfect location for an intimate wedding, with its enormous windows letting in the ideal amount of natural light to capture the beauty of the ceremony. The room was alive with anticipation from the guests that had gathered to celebrate this special day and I was able to capture this perfectly due to the great light.

When the ceremony had concluded, we headed outside for the traditional confetti throwing, which took place outside the venue grand entrance. I then took the time to speak with and photographed the wedding guests while they waited for the wedding breakfast to begin and while the formal Stubton Hall wedding photos were taking place.

The formal wedding photos took place in the grounds and gardens of the venue, with the bride and groom taking centre stage, followed by their family and close friends. The courtyard and lake encapsulated the beauty of the venue, and the elegance was easy to capture on film.

The reception room where the meal and speeches took place had a great atmosphere as the room was filled with Laura and Chris’ friends and family. I love taking un-staged wedding photos and was really pleased with being able to capture some natural shots that illustrated how joyous Laura and Chris’ special day was.

Before heading home, I took the last few shots of the evening including Laura and Chris’s first dance as man and wife and the guests dancing amongst the happy couple. It was a great end to a lovely celebration.

I hope Laura and Chris can cherish their Stubton Hall wedding photography for years to come and wish them all the best for their journey together as man and wife. Thank you for letting me be part of your special day.

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