Stubton Hall Wedding Photography | Fade and Christos

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Stubton Hall Weddings | David Lowerson Photography

Stubton Hall Wedding Photography | Christos and Fade’s Special Day


If I had to describe Christos and Fade’s wedding in one word, it would be joyful. All weddings are happy occasions, full of love and sentiment, but some resonate with music and laughter in my memory and the emotional colour filled my Stubton Hall wedding photography in the nicest way.

I felt incredibly fortunate that Fade and Christos chose me to shoot their Stubton Hall wedding. The gorgeous 19th Century mansion near Newark in Lincolnshire is set against a backdrop of incredible landscaped grounds, including the magnificent Fountain Gardens. The weather was so wet and miserable that I feared we wouldn’t get any photos by the fountain, but thankfully the rain let up for five minutes and we were able to get some shots, the clouds in the background lending a dramatic effect.

Many elements of this English country wedding were traditional so it was nice to see some fun aspects as well, such as the guys’ superhero socks they showed me as we took some photos before the ceremony. I can never tell how the bride and groom will be before their wedding. Some couples are organisation personified leading up to it, then a bag of nerves on the day, but Christos was remarkably relaxed.

Fade looked amazing. Her white beaded gown was fantastic against the vivid blue of the bridesmaids’ dresses. With her hair soft and loose and natural makeup, she was the epitome of elegance and grace as she walked down the aisle towards Christos in the Music Room, where their marriage ceremony was held.

We managed to get a fun confetti photo but the rain was too heavy to stay outside for long. It didn’t matter in the end as the interior of Stubton Hall is as photogenic as the exterior, and it made a fantastic setting for the group photos.

One of the reasons I enjoy working at Stubton Hall so much is because of the atmosphere. As it is a house, rather than a hotel, it has a relaxed and comfortable feel. Guests spilled into the rooms off the Music Room after the ceremony, talking and laughing. Many of Fade’s family had come from Nigeria especially for the wedding, and I could tell how happy Fade and Christos were to have them there.

Speeches were held in the Orangery, with Fade’s father singing in place of the customary father of the bride speech. Both dads were actively involved in making this day so wonderful for their children, with Christos’ dad – a keen photographer – capturing the day from a different angle. After the cutting of the cake and the first dance, it was outside for some night photography and the end of a long but satisfying day.

Congratulations to Fade and Christos. I sincerely hope their wedding day is just the start of a lifetime of wonderful memories. Thank you for allowing me to capture your Stubton Hall wedding photography.

Stubton Hall Wedding Photography

Stubton Hall Wedding Photography - The building from the front.

Stubton Hall Wedding Photography - The awesome view from the back of Stubton Hall

Stubton Hall Wedding Photography

Stubton Hall Wedding - The boys socks

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Stubton Hall Weddings | Newark


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