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Your Photoshoot Investment Guide

Make Your House A Home

During your ordering appointment, we will show you how best to bring your portraits alive using custom framing and craftsman creativity. All our production and hand finishing is done by photography specialist companies in the UK to ensure your portraits match our quality guidelines. We have a wide range of wall presentation products to match any home.

You don’t need to commit to any packages or products until you’ve seen your photographs. To give you an idea of total costs, our clients spend anything from £200 to £950 on their family and dog photography.

We offer split payment and credit options to help you spread your portrait investment if needed.

The Folio Box From David Lowerson photography
The Folio Box From David Lowerson photography
The Folio Box From David Lowerson photography

The Folio Box

I always wanted to offer my clients something special, something more than just a picture frame – Hence the Folio Box.

If you’d prefer to purchase mounted prints and digital files from your photoshoot then our folio box is your ideal product of choice.

The Folio Box enables you to feature your favourite portrait image at the front, framed and visible as a beautiful box frame. The photographs can be rearranged as often as you like and be displayed on a tabletop, bookcase or simply framed,

Choose between 5, 10 or 20 of your favourite images to be printed on professional photographic paper and mounted for display in the folio box.


▪︎ 20 Mounted Photographic Prints
▪︎ 20 Matching Digital Files
▪︎ £749

▪︎ 10 Mounted Photographic Prints
▪︎ 10 Matching Digital Files
▪︎ £549

▪︎ 5 Mounted Photographic Prints
▪︎ 5 Matching Digital Files
▪︎ £399

Extra Add-On’s

▪︎ Slideshow Video – £229

▪︎ Mobile Phone App – £229

▪︎ Extra Photographic Print – £49


Modern Metal Picture Frames | Portrait Photography Products From David Lowerson Photography
Wooden Picture Frame by David Lowerson Photography

Framed & Frameless Photo Frames

Picture frames remain the most popular way to display dog and family photography and we use one of the most outstanding, specialist photography framing companies in the country.

Our ‘frameless’ photo frame option is the very latest in high definition print quality, your photographs are presented on a special aluminium sheet allowing you to create the most vibrant colours and greater depth to your images than ever before.


▪︎ Extra Large – 60 Inch Frame – £1129

▪︎ Large – 40 Inch Frame – £629

▪︎ Medium – 30 Inch Frame – £429

▪︎ Small – 20 Inch Frame – £329

▪︎ The Mini – 10 Inch Frame – £125

Frame Collections

By grouping your favourite photographs together, you can create a stunning focal point for any room. I have four gallery frame collections to choose from which offer massive savings compared with buying frames individually.

Your Choice of the following wall-art groupings (click on image for a bigger view).


▪︎ The Duo – 40 Inch and 30 Inch Frames – £849

▪︎ The Trinity – 30 Inch and (2) 20 Inch Frames – £849

▪︎ The Quad – (4) 20 Inch Frames – £849

▪︎ The Six – (6) 12 Inch Frames – £849

The Duo | Frame Collections | David Lowerson Photography
The Four | David Lowerson Photography
The Trinity | David Lowerson Photography
The Six | Frame Collections | David Lowerson Photography

Photography Packages

These special photography packages include my most popular products, and offer significant savings on a la carte pricing.

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