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By Lincoln Dog Photographer David Lowerson

Why Family Portraits Are Important
Why Family Portraits Are Important
Why Family Portraits Are Important
Why Family Portraits Are Important
Why Family Portraits Are Important
Dog Photography | Lincoln | David Lowerson Photography

So, you’re looking for a dog photographer in Lincoln?

You’re definitely not alone in this. A lot of people actively search for someone who can help capture the special moments between them and their pooch. You’ve probably seen a fair few dog photographers around on the web, and they all promise you similar things, but I can offer something well worth it to anyone who wants a bit different.

I bring a lot of things to the table because I genuinely believe that when it comes to dog photography, you deserve passion and authenticity. Let me explain. If we take your beloved dog, let’s take them out of their natural environment, and put them into a studio, they won’t feel comfortable or at ease. I bet you wouldn’t either! Do you know what this translates to? Your dog isn’t going to enjoy itself. They’re not going to feel comfortable, and they won’t be natural. You’ll get artificial photos if you do this. It’s definitely not something I’d recommend or offer with my dog photoshoots.

So, I do things a bit differently, I shoot on location, definitely not in a studio. I’ve got plenty of experience working with all kinds of dogs – some have been mistreated and some are nervous around strangers. Whatever the situation, we’ll make sure your dog is calm and settled so we can start taking photos.

I’ve owned dogs for more than 20 years now – I’m a big German Shepard fan. It means that I’ve got a lot of experience with everyone’s four-legged friends, and I’d love to take some photos of them for you.

As a dog photographer in Lincoln, my primary concern is making sure that you get the best possible experience. I know that taking photos of dogs is something that you’ll want to do for a precious keepsake – and to frame your pet in the best possible way.

So don’t hesitate to talk to me about your pet while we’re getting ready. The more I know about your dog, the better the photography can be. It is important to build up a good relationship with them so they relax and enjoy themselves, so I’ll be looking to you for advice on how to be with them.

Obviously, everything that we do together will be for those amazing photos. What kind of photos are you looking for? We can do shots with the two of you, candid shots, shots of the dog just playing, it’s really up to you.

Honestly, I love my job. I love being able to take these amazing photos with people, I love connecting with animals, and I bring passion to the table. It’s one of the most important things for a photography session, and I wholeheartedly encourage you to get in contact if you’ve got

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