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Where are you based?

I live Lincolnshire, in a little village called Sudbrooke. But I work on location and at client’s homes and travel for photoshoots all over Lincoln – and beyond.

Where will our portrait session take place?

I have a number of locations I can recommend near my home in Lincoln but if you & your children have a favourite place we can head there.

What time of day is best?

Outdoor sessions are usually scheduled late afternoon/evening or early morning in order take advantage of the best natural light. We’ll need to pick a time when your children are at their best.

What should we wear?

Simple, plain-coloured clothes tend to work best, as well as clothes with a subtle pattern.

It’s best to avoid bold stripes, big logos and checks as these don’t work well in pictures, and try not to have one half of the family dressed in white and the other half in black as the contrast in the images can be distracting.

What happens if my child is ill?

If your child is ill, then I ask you to let me know as soon as possible so I can postpone your session. It’s much better to wait until they are feeling better and we can all have an amazing time taking your pictures.

What if it rains on the day?

If I decide on the day of the shoot that the weather is unsuitable then we can reschedule at no extra cost.

I have done portrait shoots in all kinds of weather and still achieved beautiful photos, so please don’t panic.

It’s a cliché, but photographers tend to prefer a dull overcast day to a bright sunny one when shooting portraits, as the light is often more flattering.

How do I book a photo session with you?

Either fill in the contact form here or email me at

Please note that my sessions are normally booked up very quickly, so make sure you plan ahead! I look forward to working with you and producing some amazing photographs for you and your family.

More information?

If you would like to chat about your own portrait shoot, or require further information, you can reach me right here.

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